Installation and usage

DecoAntListener is sidtributed by a tar package. The first step to install the listener is decompress the package: tar zxvf decoantlistener-version.tar.gz (where version is the version you want to install). This package contains the next files:

  • decoantlistener-version.jar

To use the listener in Ant, you must to copy the file decoantlistener-version.jar to your Ant library folder or to the classpath of your Ant scripts files.

Then, you must to set your jabber connection settings in the properties file. To do this, open the file and set: your jabber username, password, jabber host to connect to and the port for this host, the username of the person who is going to recieve the Ant log messages, and the host of this user.

Finally, when you call Ant to run a build script, you must to add the the switch listener to the DecoAntListener class (org.decody.ant.DecoAntListener). The Ant call can be the next:

ant -listener org.decody.ant.DecoAntListener -buildfile your_build_script.xml

When the build start, you will receive the log via Jabber.