Deco Ant Listener is developed in Java language, and its core use Ant library to implement a listener of the builds managed by the tool called Ant. The Jabber communication is based in Smack API.


The starting point for the roadmap is the version 0.1. The Jabber communication and listen ant events are the firsts step in the development, then, the roadmap begins in the next iteration, create this web and release the first version (0.1).

  • Create web (11/13/2007. done!)
  • Publish web (11/14/2007. done!)
  • Release v0.1 (11/16/2007. done!)
  • Configuration parameters in a file (11/24/2007. done!)
  • Message queue (12/01/2007. done!)
  • Log format (12/08/2007. done!)
  • Test plan v0.2 (12/22/2007. done!)
  • Release v0.2 (12/29/2007. done!)

SVN Repository

Deco Ant Listener is a Open Source tool and its code is under SVN version control system. The SVN repository is hosting in SourceForge and it can be readed by everyone. The url to access the repository:


If you have any suggestion about the code, or you want to write a new feature or if you have something to say about this project, please, contact with the Project Admin (see the section Members).


Project Admin, Development and Testing: