What is Deco Ant Listener?

Deco Ant Listener is a listener for the build tool Apache Ant which the log of the builds is sent via Jabber protocol. When the automatic builds are executed in a remoe server, the log can be viewed in your jabber client.


20/01/2008. Project temporarily closed.

Now, all the planned characteristics for the listener are implemented, so, we have decided the project is finished. In the case, anyone need has a new feature for this project, or a developer has implemented a new part of the code, contact with the project admin (see Developers section) and a new version will release.

17/01/2008. Version 0.2 released

A new version of the project (0.2) is released. You can download in the Downloads section.

12/04/2007. Version 0.1 released

The first version of the project (0.1) is released. You can dounload in the Downloads section.

11/14/2007. Web published

The web of the project have been published. This web is the central point of the application information, and it will be used to show the documentation about the development and the application usage (see docs section).

If you are interesting in the code, go to Developers section, and then i hope you send me an email with your opinion.

08/12/2007. Project started

The beginning of the project.